Photo by Elena Elisseeva/Hemera / Getty Images
Photo by Elena Elisseeva/Hemera / Getty Images


NorthGrid wins competitive bid for 14 Solar Projects by City of Toronto

City of Toronto awards NorthGrid contract to design, supply and install solar on city buildings.

Markham, Ontario, March 26, 2015: - Following a competitive bidding process, NorthGrid was awarded a contract for the engineering, supply and installation of 14 microFIT projects by the City of Toronto. 

Toronto is a world-class city and is actively involved in conservation and the use of renewable energy where at all possible.  The City is a participant in the Feed in Tariff program under the provincial Ontario Green Energy Act of 2009.

Toronto has numerous facilities that qualify for hosting either small FIT or microFIT system.  Under this contract fourteen buildings including, police, fire, EMT and parks facilities were identified as suitable sites for accepting a microFIT grid-tied solar system.  Due to the wide variety and age of buildings, NorthGrid’s broad experience is being used to design innovative and creative solutions for these sites.  Some will utilise a ballasted mount while others will require an elevated structure anchored to the building. 

The deployment of these microFIT systems will further contribute to fulfilling the environmental mandate of the City of Toronto.  NorthGrid is pleased to participate in this program and provide the best designed and installed systems available.



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