Unique Solutions for your Energy Needs

From industry-standard commercial solar plants to highly customized and application-specific power systems,
NorthGrid can design, supply and construct an energy solution for your particular requirements.


Grid-Tied systems are interconnected with the electric utility's distribution grid. Ranging from small rooftop installations to large ground mounted solar farms, they involve the commercial sale of electricity or generating credits to offset the purchase of electricity.


Power Purchase Agreements

Net Metering Agreements


Microgrid systems are hybrid configurations that can be supplied by multiple sources including grid power, renewable energy, backup generators and energy storage. Microgrids often have the ability to operate autonomously if the larger utility grid goes down. They can provide users with control over their power supply and added resiliency. 


Zero Export Scenarios

Stable Power Supply

Critical Applications


Off-Grid systems provide power in areas that do not have grid electricity readily available. They typically feature renewable generation coupled with longer-term energy storage to support the loads during variable weather conditions. Systems can be small to power single loads or large enough to power entire communities or factories.

Remote Power Supply for:


Sensors & SCADA

Relief & Development

Emergency Power

Energy Storage

Energy storage can be used in either grid-tied, hybrid or off-grid configurations. Standalone energy storage can provide benefits to the utility grid supply by absorbing or delivering power to regulate the power quality. Systems range in size from residential units to utility-scale installations connected at distribution or transmission voltages.

Backup Power

Time-of-Use Shifting

Peak Shaving

Voltage Support

Frequency Control


Innovative Solar Mounting Solutions

NorthGrid's Elevated Truss System

NorthGrid Solar has designed a proprietary elevated mounting structure to support the solar arrays above the roof surface. We have constructed over 5 MW of such structures on 20+ rooftops and are widely recognized as an industry leader. Every structure is precisely engineered and custom manufactured for the host building.


NorthGrid’s elevated racking provides a number of benefits that we feel are of great benefit to our rooftop customers, namely:

  • Structural concerns with the roof deck are minimized since the loading is transferred to the building columns.
  • There is always a serious possibility of membrane damage with ballasted solar arrays due to thermal expansion, wind, etc. An elevated system rests on posts and leaves the roof surface untouched.
  • The elevated system provides airflow and shading over the roof helping to extend its life, reduce building cooling loads and improve the performance of the solar array resulting in higher revenue.
  • Poor drainage can accelerate the degradation of a roof membrane. Ballast weight can depress the insulation and create pooling zones. Rails or trays resting on the surface can also block drainage flows and result in more standing water. An elevated system does not interfere with drainage in this manner.
  • Having access to the roof surface provides a greater ease of maintenance for the roof and the solar PV system can continue to produce revenue while roof repair or replacement activities are conducted.
  • The existing tie-off anchor points can still be utilized for ongoing building maintenance without fear of safety ropes getting caught on the solar array as may be the case with low ballast racking.
  • Inverters and associated equipment can be mounted at a comfortable working height in the shade of the solar array protecting them from driving rain or direct sunlight.
  • In cold climates, snow covering affects power production significantly. Elevating the solar array increases the opportunity to be above drifts to realize greater winter output. It also provides a place for snow to fall and the array is usually cleared of snow cover sooner than a roof surface array.
  • Constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel hardware, the mounting system will endure the harsh weather for the duration of the project lifetime with no fear of premature degradation.

Other Configurations

NorthGrid has also utilized components of the Elevated Truss System to create innovative ballasted rooftop mounts and solar carport structures. These often enabled off-site pre-assembly and wiring prior to installation which minimized the interference with the site operations. Every project is unique, and NorthGrid will assess your needs to determine the best solution between off-the-shelf products and customized solutions.