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Engage NorthGrid for turnkey projects or to provide a select suite of services. Either way, you can be assured of high quality work that meets or exceeds industry standards and puts your projects on the track to success.


Renewable Energy Services


Early-stage Business Planning
Feasibility Studies
Environmental Impact Assessments
Regulatory Licensing
FIT/PPA Contract Administration
Construction Permits
Project Management



Connection Impact Assessments
PVsyst Simulations
Single Line Diagrams
Interconnection Plans
Equipment Specifications
Structural Reviews
Drawing Packages


Selection of Top Tier Vendors
Logistics & Marshalling
Payment Verification



Site Setup
Solar Array Installation
Electrical Wiring
Equipment Support Structures
Host Facility Upgrades
Utility Interconnection
Health & Safety
Project Management



Electrical Testing
Mechanical Inspection
Programming & Configuration
SCADA Implementation
Asset Tracking
Performance Verification
Audit-Compliant Documentation



Active Monitoring
Preventative Maintenance
Unscheduled Repair Work
Performance Verification
Production Reports
Warranty Management


Operations & Maintenance

NorthGrid Solar offers a comprehensive service package for solar photovoltaic installations.  Our M3 Service provides dedicated Monitoring, Maintenance and Management services ensuring maximum system performance and reliability.  It is designed to be a full service offering to reduce an owner’s O&M burden and to ensure confidence in the long-term revenue projections.  Customers benefit from the efficiency and experience of an industry-leading professional solar services company.

NorthGrid is actively providing O&M services for a multi-megawatt portfolio of solar PV projects in Ontario, Canada.


NorthGrid Solar installs remote data collection hardware from an industry-leading third party vendor in order to get an accurate real-time understanding of system operation.  Information can be gathered from the individual DC strings, the power conversion equipment and the metered output and sent to our operations centre to be correlated with measured weather data to analyze and verify system performance.  The industrial-grade data logging equipment features continual self-calibration, battery backup and redundant data storage to ensure reliable data collection.  Wireless cell modem communications are an available option when Ethernet networks are not available.

Performance analysts continuously monitor the incoming data feeds for immediate issues such as alarms and faults, and work with service personnel to develop a plan of action if issues arise.  In addition, historical trends are analyzed and evaluated for variance and potential optimization. Customers are provided internet access to real-time data for on-demand status updates on the operation of the system. 


Regular preventative maintenance visits are conducted to ensure long-term reliability and to address potential problems before they significantly impact revenue.  Factory-trained service technicians inspect the array for damage, wear and proper tensioning of fasteners.  Electrical inspections ensure that wire terminations are safe and secure, and that electrical components are in good working order.  Thermal scans of the inverters and transformers are conducted to ensure efficient operation.  Filters, vents, fuses, etc. are replaced or serviced as needed.


Designed to take the worry and hassle out of solar system ownership, NorthGrid Solar manages the maintenance work, warranty repairs, performance verification and reporting on the owner’s behalf.